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Rewards program

Whether you like to buy large or just an 1/8th at a time, our rewards program is structured to help your money go further.  Sign up for your personal rewards card today and have your card preloaded with 3 free bonus points.

How it works

Earn one point for each separate purchase you make totaling $50 or more.  Redeem those points for rewards.  It’s that simple.

Here’s the greatest part: We offer three levels of point redemption and point redemption starts at just 5 points.  With a redemption at 5 points, you get an extra gram of flower added to your order.  If you decide to hold off and redeem once you’ve accumulated 9 points, you will get a free gram of wax.  Or you can hold off still, build up 12 points and redeem them all for a 20% discount off your entire purchase.

More detail

Here are the rules a little more nitty gritty.  In order to be qualified to use your rewards on a purchase, either to earn a point or to redeem your points, the total price AFTER redemption must total $50.  You don’t earn a point on a purchase where you redeem your points.

Getting a card

In order to request a rewards card, you must first log in.  If you navigate back to this page (or just log in from here) you will be presented a form to request a rewards card.  Make sure that the mailing address you enter is the correct address.  Our rewards cards are sent to you through the USPS and should arrive in your mailbox within 5 business days.

Logging in

You cannot log in unless you are a member.  Please call us if you are not yet a member to get set up.  If you are already a member with us, your username will be your first name plus the two digit month and two digit day that your recommendation expires.  Your password will be the street number and street name of your address.  The first letter of your street name will be the only capital letter and there are no spaces.  Numbered streets (4th, 8th, 22nd, etc.) are spelled out in word form (fourth, eighth, etc.).

Here are a couple examples:

Samantha Smith’s rec is valid through 10/18/17 and she lives at 970 N San Gorgonio in Banning.
Her username and password would be – Username: samantha1018 Password: 970Sangorgonio

Daniel Boon’s rec is valid through 2/1/18 and his address is 47654 E 16th St in Beaumont.
His username and password would be – Username: daniel0201 Password: 47654Sixteenth

Troubleshooting questions – Call us at (951) 292-8586

An Easier Way to Log in

Text us your email address and we will email you your username and password.

Earning points without a card

As soon as you have signed up for a rewards card, you can begin earning points.  We will manually enter in your points until your card arrives.  We want you to get as much as possible from our rewards program.  We cannot manually add points to your account if you have not yet requested a card.

Checking your points

Simply input your card number in the search bar at the top of this page to see where you stand on your points.  Or, if you are signed in, you will see that the search bar is pre-populated with your rewards number.  In that case, just hit the check points box and you’re done.

Redeeming Points

Just tell your phone operator that you would like to use your points on a purchase and they will do the rest.