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GrandDaddy Quin

  • $30 - 2 Grams
  • $45 - 1/8
  • $80 - 1/4
  • $150 - 1/2
  • $290 - OZ

A cross between GDP, a heavy indica known for its potent psychoactive effects and Harlequin, a high CBD strain that is one of the most effective out there for treatment of pain and anxiety. When combined, you get a near 1:1 CBD:Thc ratio that relaxes your body and melts your pain. The head effects are certainly different than traditional herb but nothing you can't get used to. It's just unexpected on the first go. GrandDaddy Quin has a terrific smell, a good taste, and a fabulous effect. If you have tense, aching muscles, give this a try and be amazed at how much your body can still relax.