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Who is Jeff Sessions and why does he matter?

Jeff Sessions is a U.S. Senator for Alabama.  He is President-Elect Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General.  If appointed, Sessions would become the main legal advisor to the government.  The reason that matters to us is, Jeff Sessions seems to hate marijuana.

He has been noted for quotes such as

I thought the KKK were pretty ok until I found out they smoked pot


Good people don’t smoke marijuana

So how does this effect us?

Ultimately, Sessions will be the one deciding what laws are best fit for the american population.  He will have the power, if he chooses to exercise it, to enforce federal prohibition.  This would mean that Federal agents would be able to come into states with legal marijuana programs and start arresting people.

We can be assured that Colorado will not stand down in the fight over State’s right to govern their own citizens.  Colorado has made too much money and sees too much potential in the marijuana industry.

But what about California?  Even though California has had medical marijuana since 1996, we have just barely passed any type of recreational use laws.  Being that those laws are unlikely to take effect until well after inauguration, it’s likely that federal prohibition will come before our adult use act even gets off the ground.

Will we stand and fight, like Colorado?  Our politicians certainly won’t.  They will not have realized any positive effects from adult use legalization.

California’s economy is the 6th largest economy in the world.  Our GDP is larger than most countries.  Sessions’ stopping California from going forward with adult use would have a profound impact on the direction marijuana legalization takes in the country and the world.

As a Marijuana opponent, Sessions has very good reason to do all that he can to kill the the adult use act in California.

When the time comes

Will you stand up and fight back?