BNG Deliveries


Mission Statement

Here at BNG Deliveries, we strive to be the safest, friendliest and most knowledgable pot shop around.  We want to move marijuana away from the streets and into the hands of professional staff.  We are on a mission to provide you with medication and service that you can depend on.  BNG Deliveries is dedicated to providing

– Great Product
– Fast Deliveries
– Friendly Service
– Professional Staff

Call us once and we will become your preferred delivery service.

Product Knowledge


Many users, experienced and novice alike, wonder what the differences are in the strains of marijuana.  Each strain has been bred for a specific reason.  Whether it’s for smell, flavor or effect, breeders can cross plants to create a near infinite amount of different strains. Flavor and smell impact the desirability of ingestion.  Effects are described as


  • relaxing and calming
  • body buzz or ‘couch lock’
  • best suited for night use


  • uplifting and energetic
  • cerebral, spacey or hallucinogenic
  • best suited for day use


A hybrid is a strain that has a mix of both indica and sativa.  It can be a 50-50 mix or it can be dominated by one type or the other.


BNG Candies is our line of artisanal edibles that are sure to help you medicate safely while also satisfying your sweet tooth.  Hand crafted by an experienced chocolatier and dosed at 60mg, our edibles are better looking, better tasting and more potent than is industry standard.  We like to say that we serve Gourmet Edibles.

We also carry some name brand items for those of you who want some of that throw back taste.

Edibles take time to metabolize.  The ingredients have to pass through the Gastrointestinal-Blood barrier and then through the Blood-Brain barrier.  Because of this, there can be upwards of a 45 minute delay between ingestion and effect.  Never eat more than one edible until you have felt the effects of the first and know it is safe to do so.


Our concentrates come from well vetted and trusted sources.  Gone are the days that you have to wonder whether or not your wax was shot through a PVC tube.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or vinyl, is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials ever produced. PVC is dangerous to human health throughout its entire life cycle – production, use, and disposal. This is mainly because so much chlorine is used in making it (roughly 30% of the world supply.) When chlorine is used in industrial processes to make PVC plastic, or products made with PVC are burned as trash, a dangerous by-product called dioxin is formed. Dioxin is a known human carcinogen.

Butane – The main chemical used to produce the concentrates found in the US has a chemical compatibility rating of C-fair with PVC.

This means that though the PVC may hold up through the individual blasts of extraction, it is slowly dissolving into the product.  And while anyone will tell you that the butane evaporates away, none seem to comment on the PVC residue that is left in the product.  Here at BNG Deliveries, we ensure that only Stainless Steel is used for our extractions.  With a chemical compatibility of A-excelent, you have peace of mind knowing that the only thing in your marijuana extract is marijuana!