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DEA includes CBD in Schedule I list

The Drug Enforcement Administration filed a final rule notice to establish a Controlled Substances Code Number for marijuana extract with the U.S. Federal Register.  Essentially establishing separate codes for each cannabinoid found in marijuana.  According to the notice:

This code number will allow DEA and DEA-registered entities to track quantities of this material separately from quantities of marijuana

Therefor, the DEA has not only kept marijuana as a schedule I drug, meaning it has no recognized medical use, they have extended their authority to all cannabinoids.  This means that as of Jan 13th, the date this will take effect, all the children who are no longer having seizures, thanks to their use of the cannabinoid CBD, will be committing a felony.

DEA director Russ Baer assures us that:

The DEA needs to allocate its resources towards this nation’s opioid epidemic — not cracking down on offenses such as a mother transporting CBD oil for her daughter

He even went as far as to say:

The gist of the issue is that DEA established a new drug code for marijuana extracts as a means to more accurately reflect the activities of scientific research and provide more consistent adherence to the requirements of the Single Convention. 

In his account, the new rule should help CBD research, not hurt it.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that even if the DEA truly isn’t intending on destroying CBD research, once a law is in place, it can be imposed at will.

So then why do it?

It would seem that this is a political move on Baer’s part and a telling sign of where we can expect the next administration to take us.

By extending it’s reach into cannabinoids, the DEA has essentially given itself the opportunity to shut down all labs and research facilities studying CBD.

Sessions is expected to be our next Attorney General.  You can read more about him in our article Who is Jeff Sessions and why does he matter?

Baer has now made it so that at Sessions will, the DEA can begin kicking in the doors of research facilities.  This means a huge workload for the DEA and a higher budget for Baer.  It also shows Sessions that our current director Baer is a soul for hire.

When Sessions takes office, he will most certainly give Baer a high five and a hand shake and keep him employed as DEA director.

Will they call in the new rule and begin arresting sick kids?

Only time will tell.  But come regime shift, if they want to, they’ll have the power to do so.