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Top Shelf 1/8th for $35 Venom

Get 3.5 grams of our Venom OG for just $35

Or.. Grab 7 grams for $65

Overstock 20% OFF

7 grams of Girl Scout Cookies for just $60

7 grams of Blackwater for just $60

7 grams Kandy Kush for just $55

Additional Strains Discount $8 grams

5 Grams for $40 on any of our lower volume strains.

  • TrainWreck
  • Neptune OG
  • SFV OG
  • GG-Mids
  • Casey Jones
  • Batman OG

Happy Hour $10 grams

12:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Your choice of any flower for just ten dollars per gram.  Four gram minimum order to take advantage of this special.


Get a free gram of wax

We’ve updated our member rewards program.

Now, if you save up 9 points on your rewards card, you can cash them in for a free gram of wax!

Pot Tips

Here’s to some summer time fun.

Take a 5 gallon water bottle (like the arrowhead bottle found in your office) and cut off the bottom.   Push the now open bottom end down into a pool and let the air escape up through the neck of the bottle.  Now, pack a fat bowl into the neck of the bottle.  You can use aluminum foil or a regular bowl for a bong with it’s down-stem pushed through a rubber stopper.  Light the bowl and slowly raise the bottle out of the water (not all the way!).  This will create suction in the bottle and get a good pull on your herb.  Once the bottle is raised up enough, have a friend hold the bottle while you swim down and surface with your head in the water bottle.  Breath in the sweet sweet taste of your herb and be sure to get out of there if you are feeling light headed!  We don’t want any drownings on our conscious.

Think you have a good pot tip?  Drop us a line and see if your tip gets published.

Newest Arrivals

King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII

Brand new batch 9/1